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Earlier this summer my good friend Erin from Grace Equine Massage contacted me to come out to Grace Acres for a pet session for her senior dog, Lani. We scheduled an evening session in hopes of catching that perfect golden hour light.

I arrived at the farm before Erin was home from work, grabbed Lani and we went for a little farm stroll together. Lani was a DREAM dog to work with. We walked along the paddocks through the wildflowers and she happily performed all pose requests. There’s something really special about senior dogs….they just seem to get us.

Working with Lani there was no SIT, STAY, DOWN. I just politely said “over here Lani, this is a good spot.” She would trot over and stand where I pointed – incredible dog.

Erin joined us 30 minutes later and we took some images of them together – such a strong bond they have. Our final image was a composite of Piper (Erin’s youngest horse) and Lani. While prepping the positioning of Piper, the sun dropped and I seized the golden light. Lani happily followed and we got our perfect light shot in the weeds of the paddock.

Before heading in for some food and drinks, we grabbed the rest of the Grace Acres pack and lined them up on the porch for a sighthound shot – Jacob, Victor, Lani and Lola my favourite farm dogs.

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