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I get A LOT of questions about EDITING.

How long does it take?
What do you do?
What program do you use?
Which photos have the most retouching?

My answer…. It depends! Every image is different, and each session has different retouching requirements. Newborn sessions are the most invasive when it comes to editing. I do background edits, removal of hands/arms from my safety spotter and of course skin retouching.

Newborns are so fresh their skin is still adjusting to it’s new environment. Newborns tend to have a red skin tone, sometimes they are still a tad jaundice. Skin flakes and baby acne are very common and need to be reduced so they are not distracting in an image.

I hand edit every image I deliver to my clients. My goal is to preserve the skin texture and enhance the babies natural details. Below is a speed edit from a recent newborn session. This little man had an average amount of skin flakes and I thought it would be fun to show everyone a before and after of my skin retouching.

This skin clean up took about four minutes real time for me to complete. I start with a light skin softening to blend minor blemishes and give the skin a bit of a creamy glow. Then I follow up with removal of any distractions.

Check it out – let me know what you think, or leave a question!

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